The future of politics

The Living Democracy exhibition investigates the work of political representation in all its messy entanglements. Our research shines new light on changes taking place in the way that people do politics around the world. What might the future bring? And how can you make a difference? Asking these questions, Councillor Maleiki Haybe interviews other young politicians and community activists about their experiences in politics, the challenges they have faced, and how they work to make a positive difference.

Nabil Al-Kinani

In this thought-provoking discussion, Nabil shares his insights into a groundbreaking idea that emerged within his community: “Privatise the Mandem.”

In an unplanned walkabout with Nabil, he takes us through the vibrant streets of his community, providing a firsthand look at the environment that sparked the birth of the “Privatise the Mandem” concept. From local businesses to community hubs, witness the organic evolution of an idea that challenges traditional political structures and advocates for a more inclusive and community-driven approach.

We look at the intersection of grassroots movements and political innovation, exploring how Nabil’s vision aligns with the broader goals of reshaping the political landscape. Gain valuable insights into the practical implications of “Privatise the Mandem” and its potential to redefine the relationship between citizens and governance.

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